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There are many reactions to this onslaught of affair images for the injured spouse:
Restless sleep
Loss of urge for food
Lack of concentration on tasks
Struggle to save the marriage

It is hard to keep them out of your mind, but it is not impossible to do so. In the next paragraph you will learn 3 steps that will give you the strength to stop them from haunting your mind so you are able to regain your normal life while healing your shattered emotions .

Living the Nightmare of Post-Emotional Affair Pictures

First, I want to assure you that eventually, the power these images hold over your mind will fade. The horror film in your head will finish, and you will move forward.

However, while you’re in the midst of this raw imagery–the nearer you are to having learned of your spouse’s emotional affair, the fresher it is–you are in unimaginable pain. You don’t even have to know specific details of your spouse’s affair to create the script. Many victims fill in all the blanks themselves, in heart-rending detail.

You may not know anything beyond the fact that your spouse cheated, and maybe some vague details such as the location where it occurred and when. But that won’t necessarily stop you from having images that include:

1. A picture of the other person as being perfectly attractive, funny, charming, etc.

2. Your spouse and their lover locked in an embrace-and more intimate scenarios.

3. The way your spouse admiring their lover, which was never the same onto you.

4. Your spouse treating the other person with more value than you have ever been treated before.

The haunting of these images are truly disturbing, viscously devouring your focus on life, evoking nightmares in your restless sleep and altogether drowning you in depression.
Everything you imagine is apparently a good illustration of every emotions that you are also experiencing, which include fear, distrust and betrayed. The images and the emotions begin a damaging cycle of feeding into one another, leaving you feeling absolutely drained.

This is the rollercoaster of emotions so many victims of an emotional affair are talking about. Eventually, this will wreck any healing efforts you have tried in attempt to survive the affair and save your marriage. You are just too exhausted..

Stop The Haunting Images That Drained Your Emotions

As the cycle of recurring images and negative emotions drain you, you begin to feel more vulnerable and find the images even more difficult to escape. The further down you go, the longer it takes to climb back out.

From wherever you’re starting from today, it’s going to take a big push on your part to stop the cycle. But remember: you own your mind, and only you have the power to take charge of it. The following steps will help you regain that power over your own mind, while eliminating the power of those haunting images:

Step 1: Place the Haunting Images on the Clock

To begin to take back the power of your own mind, set a time during the day when you can sit down and let the images come to you. This may not always work, but if an image starts to appear at a time other than what you have scheduled, push it away by reminding yourself that it is not yet the time for haunting images.

What this will do is help you begin to manage when you allow something into your mind, and what is allowed there. It is a shift that not immediately obvious, but can give absolute power to your mind. Think of it as standing up to a bully.

Step 2: In the Designated Time, Allow

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