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I’m still very fond of my ex-husband, the reason for divorce is that it simply grew apart. We met when we were freshmen in medicine, both 22 years old. We have shared many years very well together and support each other in medical schools and our homes, but when we finished our homes and settled more into our lives, they finally took the time to really get to know each other. Turns out I have nothing to do at all out of our careers. Basically, they live in denial of the next 10 years in a completely boring and unsatisfying relationship.

I can not end in another relationship like that. I want a man that inspires me to be a better person, a man who understands me, a man who completes my mind and makes me feel completely at ease. Is it so hard to find my best friend, my soulmate, my lover? I have a list of substances that can transcend superficiality. I suppose that what may seem like a fairy tale romance, but I refuse to be pessimistic as most people today are about love.

Now tell me – Hmm, what I can say? Physically I’m 5 ‘7 “, 128 pounds, in great shape. I have dark blonde or light brown hair, green eyes, and I am a mixture of ancestors in Europe. I am, however, 100% American born and raised. I vegetarian, which means they do not consume animal products. I prefer if you are a vegetarian or vegan as well, but not a deal breaker if not. You should, however, be open minded and respectful of my life, and I can not wait until I kiss you after you just eat a hamburger or a steak -. I’m sorry, I’m an active woman and love of nature in my spare time I like adventures kayaking mini-trekking, .., cycling, swimming, diving, travel and explore the outdoors to be active and fit if you follow me I’m going easy on you at first, but I promise!)

I am an atheist and I’m only interested in the atheists, agnostics, deists, pantheistic, and all other [secular] subgroups of agnosticism. I will not dwell on this because I think it’s pretty obvious and simple. You should not have to defend my beliefs or my preferences.

I am interested in meeting a man brought up with at least one title. Being an educated woman, I think it would be better to get along with someone with the same ideas with a broad knowledge of the world. Ideally, it should be motivated, hardworking, honest, and have a strong passion for life and all it has to offer. I’m very open to diversity. Who cares n ‘if we have different musical tastes, the taste of cinema, or perhaps even political affiliation! The most important factors in a relationship are shared values ??and compatibility! Compatibility is a funny thing, though. I’ve seen couples that are different in every way possible, however, are inseparable and I could not be more compatible.

Physically, it must be beautiful and fit. No I have all the physical demands ridiculous, I’m looking for a real person not here, Brad Pitt or a supermodel. Everyone has flaws, so please do not be intimidated!

I have no children, but I do not care “if you do. I’m not 100% decided if I want my own children or not, and I am currently single and not sure what the future holds. However, if you want to have children, we must begin as soon as possible because I am not so young. LOL! Seriously, since I am not a young woman and you’re not a young man, the decision to have children ultimately depends on many factors, one is in your hands, do you ever children? Want more? Is it even physically possible to have children at the time we get there? Heh, a lot of questions to consider.

If you do not scare me, however, do not hesitate to respond. I will do my best to get back to you.

Location: Beverly Hills

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