I Am Not | For Possible Friendship, SWF, No FWB Or Hookups (Close Or Far) 42yr

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Possibly interested in friendship first, then see what may develop.
I am interested in a SWM. Beyond that, you need to have a true heart.
If you don’t know what that means, then we won’t have much in common

You need to be a gentleman and have character. I am about 5 4 so you definitely need to at least have average height for a man. Be a man’s man but not a jerk. No drugs, smoking or alcoholics. This is not for FWB or hookup, so don’t waste my or your time. If you are strange, don’t bother. You need to be a physically active person as I am. I have always been active and have competed in sports as well. Right now I weigh more than I should but working on getting where I should be. To give you an idea of my level of fitness, I can run 3 miles non-stop on hilly terrain or hike a tough trail for a few hours. No excuses. If you can’t carry a conversations, don’t bother. I am not the most outgoing person but I can carry my weight in interactions. As far as age, anything late 20′s to late 40′s should be fine. Be a fun person but be mature. An immature person regardless of age is not my thing. A deep person who can laugh is awesome. Be unique and a leader.

Now about me. I can be very quite or have a lot of energy, just depends on my mood. I can laugh and smile but carry a serious conversation too. I like the outdoors like the mountains and the ocean but could easily watch a movie or a documentary, I can be blunt or curt at times. I dress or wear makeup depending on my mood. I guess you can say I’m a chameleon. I am far removed from the ordinary and what most would consider important. The things I value most- you can’t buy. Having money and material possessions doesn’t make you important or better in my book. It is all about who you are and what you’re trying to do in this life. I am looking for people that are evolved and are continuously evolving.

So for now, this is all I can think of. I am not looking for text or email buddies, unless you’re very far and even then its gotta move beyond that. Boring. It’s fine a few times but beyond that it is boring as hell. If interested, please send a photo and write enough for your personality to come thru. If you can’t write and send a photo, don’t bother because most definitely you will not get a response. Hopefully most of us are adults and if you don’t hear from me don’t take it personal. It’s just that everyone has different likes and we can’t be everyone’s choice, including me. If I have an initial interest, I will send a photo back. If there is mutual interest, then will proceed from there. I am not looking to jump in anything but see where this stream leads.

P.S. please don’t contact this post unless you’re genuine and serious, e.g. no flakes, Corps. encouraged.

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