Something | R U The 1? Open To Age And Sensibility (los Angeles) 49yr

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I am looking for someone real. Someone who i am attracted to, who loves me, is sweet, handsome, kind, open hearted, generous, silly, sensual, creative, funny, energetic, smart, fierce, magical, loves animals, self assured yet consciousness, committed, family man, truthful, brave, ok ok you got it. I would say i am all those things except handsome. I hope I am more on the “pretty” side. I am also 5’4″m curvy, long brown hair, big brown eyes, olive skin Mediterranean type.
It’s not easy for me to meet people. My profession is full of wonder gay men, or women (straight or gay). I love to work and I love to stay home. I love to cook and watch movies but going out and being in nature is something i crave. I would love to spend time in nature with my partner. CL is just a jumping off point, a conduit for meeting that great man. I am not a prostitute, I promise. I won’t send you to a website, I swear. Now, you please send a clear photo, no sunglasses with something about yourself….simple maybe where you live, professions, and something you are passionate about. I am praying that you answer. And that you are right for me. Oh and one more thing. You need to have a job and a car. You don’t have to drive a Bentley or a Tesla but you must have a car and be self sustaining. And a shower and brushing your teeth is good too. If you’ve read this far, you get an A+.. You can email me directly at kind.being at yahoo dot com and big gold star if you mention something I said in your post back to me. Have a beautiful night people…..

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